Washington County Tourism Study- 2017

Camoin Associates was retained by Washington County Economic Development to assess the county’s existing tourism landscape, both quantitatively and qualitatively, to understand the economic impacts that the tourism industry has on the county in terms of sales, jobs and employee earnings.
Tourism Study 2017

DRAFT Washington County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan  (PDF)

The Washington County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan was originally adopted in 1996 to identify strategies to promote agricultural viability and protect farmland. Many of the goals of the original plan were met, but the plan has become outdated. In February 2015, the county received a grant from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to update the plan to better serve the agricultural industry in Washington County.

The county is partnering with Agricultural Stewardship Association (ASA) to help implement the grant and has formed a Steering Committee of farmers and ag-related businesses and organizations to provide input throughout the process.

This draft is still under review and will be posted as soon as it is made public

Draft Ag_Farmland Protection Plan

Final Broadband and Cell Existing Conditions Report (PDF)

In order for our communities to thrive, tools are needed to support and expand our business climate, maintain safe communities, support the flourishing arts and cultural resources, increase access to excellent schools, and provide ease of access to farm fresh foods and shopping experiences in our historic villages. In today’s complex world, the tools available to make us thrive are driven by connectivity and broadband.

View Final Broadband and Cell Existing Conditions Report (PDF)

Final Broadband Survey Report