Emergency Planning

Do you have any special need that would require you to need assistance in an emergency? Do you require special assistance with transportation, meal preparation, medications, oxygen or have any mobility issues? Do you have a service animal?

These special needs should be considered in advance when planning for an emergency. Don’t wait until an event occurs to find help.

If you feel you would need any special assistance in the event of a severe weather, prolonged power outage, flooding or evacuation and live in Washington County, please download and complete the form here for people with special needs and return it via mail to the Aging and Disabilities Resource Center to be included in our special needs registry.

Planning for Special Needs Emergency Form (PDF)

Emergency Notification System
The Hyper-Reach system uses landline telephone numbers provided by the telephone companies that serve Washington County. If you are a resident of Washington County, you are already enrolled in a program that could save the lives of you and your family.
Hyper-Reach - The power of communication.
Hyper-Reach is designed to allow emergency management professional - from the police, fire and emergency medical services, as well as the Washington County Department of Public Safety - to contact you by telephone in the event of a civil emergency. An automated phone message would be directed to each phone in a specified area notifying residents of impending or active emergency conditions, disasters or health warnings.

Hyper-Reach already calls your home phone number(s) in the event of local emergencies or community alerts. You do not need to register your home phone number. Submitting the additional information below will allow your cellular phone, email and/or telecommunication device for the deaf to be notified as well.

Please take a moment to fill out the online form.

The information provided will not be used for any purpose other than community announcements.