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Car Seat Distribution

Car Seat Program Brochure PDF

•  Don't have a Car Seat but need one?  Parents and guardians of children that live in Washington County may be able to get a car seat, a lesson on how to put the seat in right, low or no cost, if they receive:
            *WIC           *Medicaid            *Public Assistance           *Food Stamps
            * Head Start         *Social Security           *Community Maternity Services

Car Seat Fitting Station

•  Have a car seat but need help putting it in?  Washington County Public Health has a car seat technician that can check the car seat you have to see if it is safe to use and show you how to use it right.  If a seat is not safe, a new seat may be given for a donation.  This program is provided to any Washington County resident, regardless of income.

•  Not a Washington County resident?  Search for a Car Seat Technician where you live....
   National Child Passenger Certification Find A  Tech
Did you know most people think they're using the right child car seat for their kids ... but they are not?
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Coats and Car Seats Don't Mix

Check out this Video on Coats and Car Seats

Ultimate car seat guide

Bike Safety & Helmet Distribution

Same criteria for Car Seat Distribution applies for helmet distribution. 

We do distribution at the office and we partner with many local EMS groups to distribute in the community. See Bike Helmet Brochure for more information.

Bike Rodeo - Schools/Organizations may request a bike rodeo.  The objective of the rodeo is to increase children's awareness of bicycle safety rules and provide them with a chance to practice and improve their bicycle driving skills.

Click here for How to Fit a Bike Helmet from NHTSA.

Sharing the Road can be tricky.  Motorists and Bicyclists can learn more about Pedestrian and Bicycle Laws to better understand how sharing the road works. Click here for the NYSAMPO Fact Sheet to learn more!

Click here for the NYBC video "Sharing the Road- Bicycle Law in New York.  Understand New York State vehicle and traffic laws and how they pertain to motorists when driving in the vicinity of bicyclists.   



• Groups/Organizations can request presentations on a variety of topics.  Take a look at some samples of presentations that our Health Educators have ready for your organization. 
Health Ed Programming List Updated 1-2019

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Work with a Health Educator to set up a Healthy Life Style Challenge
• "Stepping Stars"/"Step By Step"/"Step Into Spring" - 4 week pedometer programs
• Healthy Living Challenge - easy 6 week fitness and nutrition incentive program
• "Every Body! Every Day!" - 6 week campaign to develop lifelong habit of daily exercise
• Walktober - fun filled walking program
• Step Into Summer - take advantage of warmer weather and longer daylight
  Healthy Lifestyles

• Wellness Coaching - work one-on-one with a Health Educator to help you determine your wellness vision, set your goals and track your progress.
• Our Health Educators are a great resource for whatever healthy behavior you are trying to work on.  They can give you ideas, find you brochures, and help you set up your wellness goals.

Worksite Wellness
• Working with employers in Washington County to establish Wellness programming for employees.

HIV Counseling & Testing Program

HIV Test Counselors at Public Health offer Anonymous and Confidential HIV Advance Rapid 1/2 Antibody counseling and testing by appointment, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM.  Please call 518-746-2400 to make an appointment.

Not sure if you need to be tested for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS?  Please call and ask or visit:  Say Yes to the HIV Test
You will find HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) testing locations and contact information for counseling.