Preventive Services

About the Program
The primary goal of Preventive Services is to provide supports to families that help to keep children safe and improve family functioning so that children can remain in their own homes and families can stay intact.

Assessments are conducted with each family referred to help identify family strengths and natural resources as well as to determine the appropriateness/need for ongoing Preventive Services. Once the assessment is complete, the family may be referred for other appropriate services to help ensure the safety of children and to promote family preservation.

Home Visits & Service Plan Reviews
When there has been Family Court involvement, the case manager monitors the family’s compliance with any Family Court orders that may exist. Home visits are made at least twice a month and Service Plan Reviews are held in accordance with New York State guidelines.

Homeless Families

The number of families who have presented to the department as homeless has risen over the past couple of years. A Preventive Caseworker is assigned to each homeless family; the caseworker’s goal is to assist the families in finding permanent stable housing for their family in a short period of time in order to eliminate the instability and risks that may be associated with children in these settings.

The Preventive Team also services other programs to include Persons In Need of Supervision (PINS) Program, the Juvenile Fire Intervention Response & Education Program (J-Fire) and Family Drug Treatment Court.

Family Drug Treatment Court

The Preventive Services team also provides case management services to participants of Family Drug Treatment Court. In an effort to streamline staffing, Caseworkers provide case updates to the unit’s Senior Caseworker who then attends Family Drug Treatment Court staffing meetings and court hearings.