Washington County Office for Aging and Disabilities Resources - NY Connects

Washington County Office for Aging, NY Connects Long Term Care and Aging and Disability Resources for Washington County, NY residents of all ages.

Information & Assistance of a Full Range of Long Term Care Services and Supports
Medical and non-medical services provided over a long period of time that help to maintain or improve daily functioning and health.  Services may be provided at home, in community-based settings, or residential settings such as Assisted living Residents, or in nursing homes.  People in need of long term services and supports can include older adults, children and adults with disabilities.

Streamlined Eligibility screening for Public Benefits Access
Your Single Point of Entry for consumers attempting to navigate the complexities of the Long Term Care system

Caregiver Supports
Information and assistance about services and supports available to caregivers to meet identified needs and assist in making informed decisions.

Evidenced Based Health and Wellness Interventions
As a result of rigorous research and clinical trials, there are evidenced based programs proven to effectively improve the health of older adults.
NY Connects will provide information about services and programs to empower individuals to adopt healthy behaviors, improve health status and manage chronic diseases better.

Options Counseling
Individualized assistance in evaluating all available long term care options.

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