About Us

 The Washington County Youth Bureau/Alternative Sentencing Agency is unique in that it is one County Agency with two different roles.  In our Alternative Sentencing role we provide Alternative to Incarceration program options. If you would like more information about the Alternative Sentencing portion of our agency go to our Alternative Sentencing page.  In our Youth Bureau role we strive to ensure that youth in the County are represented.  Every county in New York State is required to have a Youth Bureau who is tasked with making sure that the needs of young people in their counties are considered when developing a comprehensive County plan.



Washington County is fortunate to have leaders who are supportive of the Youth Bureau’s effort to increase assets within each community and reduce risks. The goal of the Washington County Youth Bureau is to ensure that consideration is given to the needs of all young people in the County in a comprehensive manner.

This is accomplished through continual planning and coordination with other youth serving agencies. Extensive on-going needs/asset assessments are developed from data collected via statistics, local meetings, interviews, etc. Results are incorporated into a plan which includes how the county will address those needs.


Need areas include leisure activities, crime and justice, alcohol and substance abuse, employment and training, developmental disabilities, runaway and homeless issues, family issues, health, education, mental health, and basic needs.

Funds & Programs

The Youth Bureau along with the Washington County Youth Board also has the task of monitoring and filtering funds to 18 Town/Village Youth Recreation Programs throughout the county who receive funding from the State Office of Children and Family Services. These recreation programs offer invaluable experiences, supports and opportunities to our young people in the County.

Agency, Club & School Resource

The Youth Bureau also provides support, training, information and resources to other agencies, clubs, schools, communities, etc. throughout Washington County. We are a valuable resource that can be utilized by any party who is interested in the well being of our Youth!

Our Role

  • Monitor NYS OCFS funded recreation programs
  • Monitor NYS OCFS funded youth serving agencies
  • Facilitate Job Corps tours and admissions
  • Provide CPR/1st Aid Trainings
  • Act as the liaison to the Homeless Youth Coalition
  • Provide information/support services to other youth service agencies, schools, clubs etc.
  • Provide transitional services to youth (16-21) who are incarcerated in the Washington County Jail
  • Coordinate planning for special events/trainings:
    • Annual Youth Leadership Forum
    • Advancing Youth Development (AYD) facilitator
    • ACT for Youth events/trainings
    • Positive Youth Development
    • 40 Developmental Assets