Pretrial Services                          (518) 746-2333 

Program Goals

  • To provide pretrial services for individuals in Washington County who have been arrested in the County and to provide those services consistently and fairly as needed. 
  • To make recommendations for release and/or eligibility for other pretrial options to the courts utilizing a statistically reliable risk / need assessment.
  • To provide objective information to the courts in Washington County regarding likelihood to appear for those held for arraignment and for those who are incarcerated pretrial due to lack of bail funds.
  • To supervise individuals (adults and juveniles) who are placed on electronic monitoring as a graduated sanction instead of sending them to detention/jail or released to electronic monitoring at arraignment. 
  • To supervise offenders released under supervision to Contacts, Supervision or Electronic Monitoring

Referral Source

  • County court
  • Day reporting program
  • Department of Social Services
  • Family treatment court
  • Felony drug court
  • Local court
  • Probation Department

Target Population

All pretrial individuals.

Pre Trial Release Under Supervision Options

  • Release on own recognizance (ROR)
  • Contacts
  • Supervision
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Other conditions