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Assigned Counsel

  1. Request to be Contacted

    The Washington County Assigned Counsel Office is located that the Washington County Courthouse, Building C Basement at 383 Broadway,... More…

Department of Social Services

  1. Temporary Assistance (TA) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment Plan

    We are looking for public comments about the Washington County DSS Temporary Assistance (TA) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance... More…

Local Development Corporation

  1. Contact the Washington County Local Development Corporation

    Request for additional information from the Washington County Local Development Corporation.

Public Safety

  1. County Employee Emergency Notification System

    Sign up for notifications relation to Washington County Employees and Emergencies at County Buildings / Facilities.

  2. Public Safety Radio Communications System Feedback Form

    Form utilized to report radio system feedback.


    This form is utilized to report arrests / requests for 9-1-1 Discovery Information associated with the arrest.

  2. Washington County Building Access Request Form

    All requests for Building Access to the Washington County Municipal Center and outlying access control equipped buildings must be filed... More…

Sheriff's Office

  1. Submit a tip - Sheriff's Office

    Citizens can submit tips on ongoing investigations, criminal or suspicious activity, drug information or locations of wanted suspects.... More…